July 19, 2022

#101 - The Latitud Fundraising Playbook: Tomi Roggio, Head of Ventures

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As a founder, you likely go out to raise money a handful of times during your journey. Investors, on the other hand, live and breathe pitches and term sheets everyday. Leveraging your position in the face of asymmetry is not an easy task – but it can be done.

Tomi Roggio has over a decade of experience in consulting and investing. He joined Latitud as a founding member, launched our rolling fund and, as Head of Ventures, leads the team that invested in over 80 companies in less than a year and a half.

Today, we share with all of you a bit of what we constantly share with Latitud fellows and portfolio companies, about the science behind fueling your company. In what our community started calling the Latitud Fundraising Playbook, you can learn the tactics to structure your process and increase your odds of being successful.

Stick around to uncover:

  • How the current economy affects fundraising and your valuation
  • The main paths you can take and how to plan ahead
  • How to prepare and approach investors
  • And the clear DOs and DON'Ts of speaking to VCs
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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