September 13, 2022

#109 – How to create a unicorn when you're 23 years old: Alfonso de los Ríos, Nowports

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Alfonso De Los Ríos is 23 years old, but his startup experience goes way beyond what you'd imagine for his age. He's the co-founder of Nowports, a startup that is bringing tech to the international supply chain and helping companies move their containers more efficiently.

Nowports rode the logistics startups boom during the pandemic. The company raised its Series A one year into the pandemic – and then raised round after round at a breakneck pace. The last one was a Series C, led by SoftBank, which valued the Mexican startup at over a billion dollars and transformed it into a unicorn.

Today, Alfonso and I talk about:

  • Alfonso's journey of cofounding Nowports, raising round after round, and managing its global growth;
  • His take on the changes brought by the pandemic and the current market downturn, and his strategy of going on the offensive;
  • How to scale a startup without losing its culture and values, and Alfonso's sources for learning about leadership.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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