September 20, 2022

#110 – Why you need to pay more attention to LatAm's tech boom: Ana Martins and Julio Vasconcellos, Atlantico

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After more than two years of a global pandemic, some habits are here to stay. In Latin America, even more so. The boom in tech adoption has held up more in the region when comparing it to the US. But even with this growth, the potential for tech creation is still huge in LatAm.

This is just one of the insights from the newest Digital Transformation Report, which is being published today by the venture capital fund Atlantico. Julio Vasconcellos is Atlantico's managing partner and was also the founder of the Brazilian e-commerce Peixe Urbano. Ana Martins is a VC investor at Atlantico.

Today, Julio, Ana and I talk about:

  • Why tech adoption in LatAm presents a bigger opportunity in comparison to other regions of the world;
  • How startups are dealing right now with boom and bust cycles and recruiting talent, and how they should deal with these challenges;
  • And the three segments in which LatAm can become a global leader.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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