October 4, 2022

#113 - How to think big from day 0: Jeeves, Linker, and Rappi at Vamos Latam Summit

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Being a startup founder comes with a big ambition. To conquer your dreams, however, you should learn the best practices for launching your business, fundraising, and hiring talent.

Taking advice from founders who have either exited or transformed their startups into unicorns will shorten that learning journey. Andres Bilbao from Rappi, Dileep Thazhmon from Jeeves, and Ingrid Barth from Linker showed how to think big from day zero at Vamos Latam Summit, our connections and knowledge flagship event.

We'll share right now the chat they had, moderated by Rosa Jimenez, from Jeeves. Andres, Dileep, and Ingrid talked about:

  • When founders are really ready to launch their startups and raise money from investors;
  • If founders can actually achieve work-life balance, and how important the first hires in a startup are;
  • What would they change if they could start over as entrepreneurs;
  • And the one piece of advice Andres, Dileep, and Ingrid would each give to startup founders.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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