October 14, 2022

#116 – Past, present, and future of venture capital in Latin America: Canary, Kaszek, and Monashees at Vamos Latam Summit

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Venture capital is not about driving a car, but flying a spaceship. It's all about the long-term mission. Latin America has laid the groundwork in the last years in terms of talent, capital, and market adoption. Even so, we're still in the early stage of our space exploration campaign, both in terms of what technology can do and in terms of startup exits.

These are some of the reflections shared by three partners at venture capital firms. These firms invest heavily in Latin America. Izabel Gallera, from Canary; Marcelo Lima, from Monashees; and Santiago Fossatti, from Kaszek, were all at Vamos Latam Summit, our connections and knowledge flagship event.

We'll share right now the chat these VCs had with Tomi Roggio, head of Ventures at Latitud. They talked about:

  • What has changed for founders and investors in Latin America during the last decade, and how startups should deal with current market conditions;
  • What Canary, Monashees, and Kaszek really value when selecting startups;
  • And what trends and verticals these VCs are excited about for the next years.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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