October 19, 2022

#117 – Global funds looking for Latin American founders: a16z, Founders Fund, and Harlem Capital at Vamos Latam Summit

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Prominent global venture capital funds already have startups from Latin America on their radar, and founders should be prepared to attract these VCs. I know that first-hand, with Andreessen Horowitz being one of Latitud's investors.

To become closer to global firms, it's essential to understand their decision-making process. That's why we invited Gabby Cazeau, from Harlem Capital; Gabriel Vasquez, from a16z; and Matias Van Thienen, from Founders Fund, to talk about their investment strategies.

We'll share right now the chat these VCs had with Fernanda Caloi, director of Special Projects at Latitud. During the Vamos Latam Summit, our connections and knowledge flagship event, they talked about:

  • The one piece of their personalities that allows these VCs to be great startup investors, and how to invest globally and specifically in Latin America;
  • What factor makes these VCs pay more attention to a startup, and what are some examples of outlier founders in their portfolios;
  • How the current market environment impacts their investment strategy, and what they expect from the Latin American startup ecosystem in the next decade.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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