November 1, 2022

#119 – How can founders, angel investors, and mentors create value: Simon Baker, CAV Investment Group

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Simon Baker is passionate about big ambitions and high growth – and he has built a portfolio with companies from all around the world to see that first-hand.

Simon is not only an Australian serial investor and an expert in the global proptech industry. He's also the chairman of the CAV Investment Group, a private investment fund that invested in Viva Real when I was running it.

The fund focuses on startups with a global mindset, but still in their early stages. And Simon makes it clear that his team wants to be hands-on, adding value to the business as it goes, from funding to human resources and strategic guidance.

Today, Simon and I talk about:

  • How you should approach investors, and how should angel investors create value for the founders they invest in;
  • What common mistakes Simon sees early-stage founders make, and the importance of clarity, simplicity, and doubling down on what you're doing well in product and sales;
  • Why you should reach out and have tough conversations with mentors and advisors, and how to keep one role, one focus as a CEO and in your startup's team while testing out new initiatives.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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