November 30, 2022

#123 – Living with economic uncertainty and developing a startup culture in Latin America: Federico Antoni, ALLVP

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Federico Antoni had an extensive career in marketing, working for retail and e-commerce companies like Mercado Libre. But he found his calling in the venture capital world.

Over a decade ago, Federico founded ALLVP, a Mexican venture capital fund focused on solving the hardest problems in Spanish-speaking Latin America. ALLVP now has a portfolio of over 40 startups. Their emblematic portfolio company is Cornershop, sold to Uber.

Now, ALLVP's preparing its fourth fund, and Federico divides his time between ALLVP, boards of multiple startups, and lectures at Stanford.

Today, Federico and I talk about:

  • His leap from retail and teaching to the startup and venture capital segments, and what was the Mexican startup ecosystem like when ALLVP started;
  • What gaps have been filled since then, and how the firm faces the macroeconomic uncertainty in Latin America as a feature, and not as a bug;
  • What does ALLVP mean by team-market fit, its plans for a fourth fund, and Federico's view on the current market landscape and the development of a startup culture in Latin America.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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