March 25, 2021

#22 - From zero to one, over and over: Alex Torrenegra, Torre

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Falling and getting back up is what makes the cycles of an entrepreneurial journey, but some people just enjoy to be constantly getting ideas off the ground, even if the previous ones are growing steady. Alex Torrenegra is an example of this.

You may know him as a tiburón in the tv show Shark Tank Colombia, but his first-ever angel investment was in Brian's company, Viva Real. And before all that, Alex bootstrapped a number of companies, including Voice 123 and Bunny Studio, both of which he started with his wife, Tania Zapata.

Then in 2020, after years of being an investor and his own venture capitalist, Alex went out to raise capital for a business of his own for the first time. And while a lot of founders may prefer to not have too many people on their cap table, he intentionally went the opposite way. By design, Torre's first seed round had over 50 investors from more than 15 countries.

In this episode:

  • His experience fundraising during the pandemic and being rejected
  • Some of his lessons from 20 years of building remote companies
  • The model behind Torrenegra Accelerator
  • What was the most memorable pitch he's heard on Shark Tank and why it stuck

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Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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