May 13, 2021

#30 - Establishing, regulating and scaling culture: Loreanne Garcia, Kavak

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For a long time, Loreanne Garcia and her brother, Carlos, had talked about building something together. Originally from Venezuela, they finally found the perfect opportunity in Mexico in 2016.

That's when Lori, Carlos and their co-founder Roger started Kavak, an online platform for buying and selling secondhand cars. With a $4B valuation, Kavak became the first Mexican unicorn in 2020, right during the most unpredictable period most of us have experienced globally in our lifetime. Their fast response to the pandemic accelerated the company's growth, which is also operating in Argentina and expanding to Brazil.

It was during her MBA at Stanford that Lori discovered she had a passion for people and culture and confirmed she wanted to be an entrepreneur. As Chief People Officer, she made sure they were very intentional about culture since day one and paid special attention to it as the business scaled to over 2,500 employees. Through this 5-year journey, Lori learned important lessons from taking the team to where they are, which she shares with us today.

In this chat, find out:

  • How Kavak measures and regulates its culture
  • How they managed to create a mote from complexity
  • And her advice on fundraising from the right investors
Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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