June 23, 2021

#41 - Altitud | Santiago Aparicio from OnTop and global hiring made easy

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Santiago Aparicio is a serial entrepreneur from Bogotá, Colombia. After studying Economics and getting a Masters in International Management, he went on to become the 7th employee at Rappi, where he was a Corporate Partnerships Director. He later co-founded Fitpal, a fitness platform that went on to become the largest network of fitness & wellness services in Colombia.

Now Santiago is building onTop, a multi-country payroll manager for LATAM that automates international hiring and payments, allowing companies to hire talent from all across the globe. He is also an avid writer and recently launched a book titled Apagar incendios con gasolina, or "to put out fires with gasoline", in which he guides entrepreneurs through the processes of raising capital and creating a startup.Find out how OnTop works in this episode of Altitud, a segment of Latitud Podcast where we talk to the founders of the future high-flying companies connected to Latin America.

Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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