October 21, 2021

#64 - The power of network effects: Pete Flint, NFX

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Born in Essex, England, Pete Flint is a brit deeply immersed in Silicon Valley startup culture. He's a titan of disruptive innovation and a widely respected leader in the tech industry, and was one of my early supporters at Viva Real.

Two times unicorn, he was part of the founding team of travel industry pioneer lastminute.com before starting Trulia, one of the most popular real state apps in the US.

With tales of a successful IPO and an exit valued at $3.5b, Pete is now helping entrepreneurs leverage capital, experience and connections as a partner at venture firm NFX.

Today Pete and I will be talking about:

  • How to leverage network effects
  • Building a business that evolves at scale
  • And NFX's plans for its new $450 million pre-seed and seed fund Building something new? Apply for the Latitud Fellowship at apply.latitud.com
Hellen Villena

Product Marketing Specialist at Latitud

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