June 14, 2022

#97 - Passionate users, small checks, incredible value: Ali Moiz, Stonks

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What if Twitch, AngelList and Shark Tank had a baby?

That's the question Ali Moiz decided to address as a business opportunity, and the baby is none other than Stonks.

Ali is a self-identified Meme Dealer with two multimillion-dollar company exits, over 75 investments as an angel and solid experience in the live streaming space, so I guess you could say he knew a thing or two about what he was getting himself into.

Stonks is an online platform for startup demo days set out to democratize access to investment opportunities. Founders from all over the world can apply to raise funds through their platform, and things can get pretty intense: founders get to watch as investment commitments pour in mid-pitch, and investors in the community aren't afraid to put their money where their mouth is.

Having founded Stonks in early 2021, Ali and the team raised an impressive $15 million dollar Seed round led by a16z last January – after less than a year of operations.

On today's episode, Ali and Brian talk about:

  • The rationale for giving the fundraising process a makeover
  • What he's learned from watching so many pitches
  • And why good sense of humor has a place in all of this
Hellen Villena

Product Marketing Specialist at Latitud

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