June 27, 2023

#149 – Carving your own path: Alejandra Ríos, Ambrosía and Shark Tank

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Alejandra Ríos started her studies in the food industry. But she already had another plan in mind: entering the finance and business world.

Now, Alejandra is the CEO of the culinary education and events company Ambrosía. She's also a shark at Shark Tank Mexico. We share the stage in the show's newest season, which airs on July 7th, 2023.

In this episode, Alejandra and I talk about:

- How she carved her own path in finance and business;

- What she's learned so far from being an investor through Shark Tank;

- And how Alejandra sees her role in bringing more diversity to the business world.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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