October 4, 2023

#159 – Being an angel and VC in LatAm: Derek Hall and Miguel Burger-Calderon, BFF

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Derek Hall and Miguel Burger-Calderon weren't born in Latin America but saw just how many opportunities the region has. They went from founders to angel investors in the US and LatAm, putting money into companies such as Clara, Cobli, and Nowports.

Now, Derek and Miguel are venture capital investors for LatAm. At BFF, which is not "best friends forever" but "by founders for founders", they look for startups that can impact the 99%.

In this episode, Derek, Miguel, and I talk about:

- How Derek and Miguel got to know LatAm;
- Their thesis as angel investors and now as VCs at BFF;
- The advice Derek and Miguel have shared the most with startup founders in the past decade, and the advice they're sharing the most right now.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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