January 11, 2024

#169 – Transforming banks through AI: Rohan Ramanath, Hyperplane

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AI has been the talk of the town for a while. But have you seen it in your run-of-the-mill bank yet? Well, Hyperplane is changing that.

About a dozen banks in Brazil are already getting all the information they have, running it by the startup's artificial intelligence, and then predicting customer behavior and building personalized experiences.

The startup finally came out of stealth a few weeks ago, with a USD 6M round to boot. We're over the moon about being early investors in Hyperplane and participating in this new round as well.

In this episode, co-founder Rohan Ramanath and I talk about:

  • The problems Hyperplane is solving through artificial intelligence;
  • The benefits of taking your time to learn and develop your startup;
  • What companies investing in AI often overlook, and how the convergence between AI and fintech will play out in the next few years.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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