November 16, 2023

#164 — How to craft founder-investor relationships: Investo, Cumbuca, and Lightspeed Venture Partners at Vamos Latam Summit

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A founder-investor relationship is like a marriage: hopefully, you're both sticking to each other through thick and thin, for years to come.

Finding the right partner and crafting this lasting relationship is no easy task. That's why we called founders and investors to share their experiences during this year's Vamos Latam Summit. By the way, you can already click the link in the description to pre-register for our next, incredible edition.

In this episode, Cumbuca's founder Daniel Ruhman and the investors Jonathan Lewy, from Investo, and Mercedes Bent, from Lightspeed Venture Partners, talk about:

- How investor relationships changed in the past few years;
- The signs of a good and a bad partner, no matter if they're founders or investors;
- How startups can differentiate themselves from competitors, and how founders can sell the value prop to investors.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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