August 2, 2023

#153 — Memorable events as a startup strategy: Brian Requarth, Latitud

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Connections are really powerful — and even more so when we take the time to be together in real life. That’s why startups have adopted promoting their events as a brand and sales strategy.

We’re no exception. I started promoting events at Viva Real, and now we’re taking that strategy to the next level at Latitud. Our next big thing is Vamos Latam Summit: we’re gathering the top startup founders and investors in the region so that they can learn and build relationships.

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Now, we don’t want to stop there. Founders have been sending us a lot of questions about how they can also make memorable events and leverage brand and sales with that. So Mariana Fonseca, Latitud’s Content Lead, and I gathered these questions and talked in this episode about:

  • Why adopt the events strategy if you’re thinking of strengthening your brand and sales;
  • How you can build events even on a tight budget;
  • The top metric you should keep an eye on and how to produce results after your startup’s event.

My name’s Brian Requarth and this is the Latitud Podcast. Vamos, LatAm! And see you at Vamos Latam Summit.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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