September 20, 2023

#158 – MISTO, an investment template for Brazilian startups: Christel Moreno, Gunderson Dettmer

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We've been hearing startup founders all over LatAm for a while now. And we noticed a common reflection from those on a fundraising journey: how a simple and clean investment template could take much of the friction away.

That's why we partnered up with law offices such as Gunderson Dettmer to launch MISTO in Brazil. MISTO is a document with optimized terms for investing, with language and practices understood and accepted by both founders and investors.

Christel Moreno is a partner at Gunderson, leads their São Paulo office, and was deeply involved in the creation of MISTO. In this episode, Christel and I talk about:

  • From a legal standpoint, how dealing with startups in LatAm is different from dealing with traditional companies around the world;
  • What exactly is MISTO, and what makes it unique in comparison to other startup investment templates;
  • Finally, the advice Christel would give startup founders with no legal experience.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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