August 16, 2023

#155 – A startup pivot years in the making: André Ferraz, Incognia

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From the Brazilian city of Recife, André Ferraz co-founded a startup out of a research project. That was In Loco Media, a company that used geopositioning technology for marketing. Eventually, the retail giant Magazine Luiza bought the startup.

But years before that sale, André was already working for years on using that same technology to solve another huge problem: online security. His new company, Incognia, has gone on to raise a Series A and be present in 200 million devices worldwide.

In this episode, André and I talk about:

  • André's journey from a computer science researcher to a startup founder;
  • Lessons on cap table management, pivoting, exiting, and fundraising;
  • Incognia's creation and André's view on the future of artificial intelligence.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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